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Projects: Upton Manor Cottage Andover


Client: Millway UK

Division: Roofing

Location: Andover

Services: Roof Tiling

Sector: Housing

Published on 2nd December 2021

Refurbishment experts Millway UK were contracted to create an extension at Upton Cottage, which stands on the grounds of Upton Manor, a large private estate set within a Conservation area in Hampshire.

Due to the age of the cottage, Millway called upon Bracknell’s expertise to strip and replace the existing roof coverings along with carrying out works to new extension.

Stripping of the roof proved to be quite challenging, as it was discovered that the original cottage had been extended twice previously and parts of the existing roofs were a boarded design, where sawn boards are placed on top of the rafters.   This prevented new battens lining through which meant Bracknell needed to remove the boards and apply counter battens to various areas of the roof allowing the new battens to line through.

Another challenge met by the Bracknell team was the condition of the aged rafters.  The appointment of a carpenter was required to deal with defective areas which needed replacing using seasoned oak.  This resulted in Bracknell’s Site Manager having to work closely with the carpenters to ensure the roofing works would not be affected.

To ensure the cottage complimented the appearance of the main estate house, all fascia and soffit boards were removed and rafter ends left opened and round ended, which was a specific requirement that the client wanted to achieve.

Once the roof had been stripped and all carpentry works completed, Bracknell then began the process of tiling the roofs using traditional Tudor handmade clay tiles.  Due to the variation in shape and camber when using handmade clay tiles, the Bracknell team had to use their skill and expertise to ensure that the sequence of tiles resulted in a beautiful aesthetic finish.  To complement the tiles and make sure the roof stayed true to its traditional heritage, clay bonnet hips were laid to both the main roof and dormers.  As with all handmade clay tiles,  no two tiles are alike, resulting in a stunningly unique finish.

The original salvaged roof tiles were sorted and crated to be used by our client on the estate for future projects or repairs.

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