Taylor French Aylesbury - Bracknell Roofing

Projects: Taylor French Aylesbury


Client: Taylor French

Division: Roofing

Location: Aylesbury

Services: Flat Roofing

Sector: Commercial and Industrial

Published on 2nd December 2021

A former builders yard in Aylesbury, Bucks has been transformed into 55 residential units as part of the Paradigm Housing Group affordable housing portfolio.

Taylor French called upon the expertise of our South Midlands branch to install the roofing, using Alkor Reinforced Membrane, mechanically fixed along with Kemper V210 Cold Liquid applied system and ABS Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium cappings to the balconies.

The design of the buildings included curved roofing and also balconies,  therefore the Bracknell team had to measure each wall to ensure the flat roofing was correctly installed to manufacturers guidelines.

Bracknell were also responsible for the design of the “Mansafe” system, thus allowing the safety of any future contractors working on the building.

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