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Projects: Severalls Farm – Oxfordshire


Client: Severalls Farm

Division: Roofing

Location: Wallingford

Services: Heritage Roofing, Lead Work

Sector: Housing

Published on 26th January 2022

Four luxury residential properties at Severalls Farm in Wallingford, Oxfordshire have been completed to stringent heritage and Listed building requirements by Bracknell Roofing.

Having a specialist team for Heritage work enabled us to cope with all the demands on this large, historically significant development of existing buildings. This included having to reuse clay peg tiles on one of the roofs, working with a bat conservationist on two others and dealing with the requirements of a Grade II listing on the fourth.

Along with these specific challenges, Bracknell Roofing had to complete a number of lead top bays, install an original steel dovecote, including traditional leadwork, and fit flashings around rooflights.

“Bracknell Roofing was able to deal with all elements on what was a challenging project,” said Simon Vickers of Rectory Homes, the developer. “We were impressed with the company because they personally ensuring that every aspect of the roof including design, specification and construction met our demanding standards – we valued this knowledgeable input.”

He added: “Bracknell Roofing completed the work to an extremely high standard and we are delighted with the appearance of the roofs.”

Severalls Farm development consists of four large, prestigious properties. The largest two properties, Saxon Barn and Meadow View Barn, are formed around a traditional E-plan.

During completion of these two properties, Bracknell Roofing had to work with an official from the bat conservation society to ensure the existing colony continued to have easy access to the building. This involved cutting ‘bat slots’ in a number of the ridges on the expansive, three wing, E-plan roof that has a total area of over 500m²

Beyond the main tiled roof is the Grade II listed Hay Barn which, because it was originally built from local stone, required Bracknell Roofing to complete the roof using Spanish slate, ensuring that the roof met all current Building Regulations and Listed Building requirements.

With the fourth property, The Sables, Bracknell Roofing reused the sorted and graded clay peg tiles from the original roofs. The team on site demonstrated its ability to tackle all aspects of roofing work by replacing the existing steel Dovecote on The Stables, which also required traditional lead work and flashings.

There was an additional requirement on some of the roofs for small lead top bays that, although hidden by a parapet wall from ground level, were visible from the first-floor windows. This design detailing required a high degree of skill to ensure a long term, durable and aesthetic solution.

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