Gradwell Park Residential Care Village Case Study - Bracknell Roofing

Projects: Gradwell Park – East Sussex


Client: Lawrence Baker Limited

Division: Roofing

Location: Chailey, East Sussex

Services: Roof Tiling, Flat Roofing

Sector: Commercial and Industrial

Published on 25th January 2022

The Project

Bracknell Roofing South East branch was pleased to deliver brilliant results for our regular client, leading care home specialist, Lawrence Baker Limited, at their Gradwell Park residential care village site in Chailey, East Sussex.

What made this project stand out was the large-scale size of this development, with it consisting of five blocks requiring a total of 760,000 Plain tiles to be laid. The care village comprises 53 two-bedroom and four one-bedroom apartments, along with some cottages.


We are especially proud of this project as it was shortlisted in the ‘Best Use of Roof Tiles (Concrete or Clay) for a Commercial Project’ category at the 2020 Pitched Roofing Awards, run by RCI Magazine.

Products Used

Products used included:

  1. Redland Breckland Brown Plain concrete tiles were used on the main roof
  2. Redland Heathland Autumn Plain tiles were used on the verticals
  3. For the flat roofs, Alkorplan by RENOLIT was used.

We chose to use Redland Breckland Brown Plain tiles on the main roof of the development mainly because the cross-chambered tile is resilient enough to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Another important reason was the fact that Redland’s Plain Tiles are acrylic-coated and available in smooth, coated and sanded finishes to complement virtually any roof setting and regional look. The Breckland Brown tile we opted to use was a smart traditional tile with a red-tinged streaking effect to promote the look of a weathered roof. Being simple and fast to lay were added benefits.

Redland’s Heathland Autumn Plain attractive concrete tiles were utilised on the verticals due to their variation in hanging lengths and irregular sides. With the dormers on the development being lead clad, the vertical tile hanging further improved their look. The fact that Redland’s Heathland range are more cost-effective and contain less CO2 than their clay tile counterparts but with the same visually appealing features were contributing factors in our decision.

The Installation

The Plain tiles nailed every third course, while RENOLIT’s Alkorplan was adhered to the roof deck.

Challenges included access to the site proving difficult due to the sheer size of the five blocks on the development which we tiled meaning access to the rear of the buildings was extremely tough.

There was also some disruption to the working environment and logistics management as the Gradwell Park site is located next to Chailey Secondary School so deliveries of materials had to be meticulously timed and managed by Bracknell Roofing and Lawrence Baker Ltd. With the development also being near a residential community, a strict site management plan approved by the planners had to be adhered to in order to minimise disruption to local residents.

Other disruptions to the working environment that we overcame included roof tilers having to work on the project between March and June 2020 and adjusting to novel socially distanced conditions due to COVID-19. Each roof tiler was fully briefed on the government guidelines at the time in regular Toolbox talks and took extra precautions, maintaining social distancing, hand sanitising and wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary.


We are delighted to report that the Gradwell Park care village was finished on time and within budget.

Two of the five blocks comprising 150,000 Plain tiles were completed during the lockdown period, whilst operatives practised social distancing. In total, we had up to 15 roof tilers working on the project between March and June and they had to adapt to working in unusual socially distanced conditions.

Describing how Bracknell Roofing performed while working on the project, Luke Hollick, Commercial Director at Lawrence Baker Limited said:

“Bracknell Roofing has performed extremely well on a very large and testing site. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented us, Bracknell Roofing has managed to maintain constant labour and materials to enable them to meet programme dates set by Lawrence Baker. We have worked with Bracknell Roofing on many projects in the past and their efforts on this scheme have further cemented our relationship moving forward.”

Having to acclimatise to working efficiently on such a large-scale project but within the difficult and unprecedented environment of a COVID-19 pandemic was tough but Bracknell Roofing South East are glad expectations were met, budgets adhered to and timescales followed despite the challenges faced.

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