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Projects: Castle Blvd Nottingham


Client: Wheeldon Brothers Ltd

Division: Roofing

Location: Nottingham

Services: Roof Slating, Roof Tiling

Sector: Refurbishment

Published on 25th January 2022

The old William Woodsend workshop and depot had been stood in a sorry state before it had been commissioned to be renovated into a new, refurbished living space, along with a completely new block of flats located adjacent to the existing workshop building.

Bracknell Roofing worked with Wheeldon Brothers Ltd to complete a premium traditional roof covering to a modern specification, to the existing roof structure and to the new build block of flats.

The conservation area is overlooked by the historic Nottingham castle; a major factor at the design stage of the development. The best mix of modern and classic materials was selected to be used for the existing and new roof buildings. The existing roof covering to the main workshop building was tiled using a mixture of new clay and slate tiles and existing clay and slate tiles worthy to be reused.

The new build apartment block was tiled using modern fibre cement slate tiles to the south-facing elevation, with Natural Spanish slates being used to the north elevation in accordance to the material performance in certain weather conditions.

Whilst Bracknell Roofing recognised the aesthetical value of a mortar bedded verge to the existing Workshop, it was advised that a Dry Fix system was used to prolong the lifespan of the roof; eliminating the need to re-bed roof covering.

A lot of time and effort was taken to ensure safe delivery of the roof covering. Waste chutes and skips were provided by Bracknell Roofing on this occasion and provisions were put into place for the safe disposal of the waste.

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