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Projects: Care Home Broadbridge Heath


Client: Lawrence Baker

Division: Roofing

Location: West Sussex

Services: Roof Tiling, Flat Roofing

Sector: Housing

Published on 25th January 2022

The project

The Broadbridge Heath project near Horsham in West Sussex was for regular client Lawrence Baker, a specialist design and build contractor to the nursing and care homes sector. Re-roofing was required at an attractive country house that had been adapted to provide care to people suffering from dementia and other age-related illnesses. The tiling was for the main care home, two nearby cottages and an apartment. The fixing had to take into account valleys, lead dormers, single-ply shaft boxes, lead-clad balcony walls, single-ply pipework and solar panel bars. The timeframe for completion was just five weeks – a target that was met in full.

The roofing installation

The central care home element consisted of 20,000 Gemini tiles to the main roof, 25,000 Redland vertical tiles and 850 m2 of flat roofing, including insulation. There was nothing regular about the roof shapes, with those lead dormers, lead-clad balcony walls and shaft boxes. Bracknell Roofing’s teams are used to such challenges. They are also used to adding value. At Broadbridge Heath, help was provided to the main contractor over housing for bin stores, a variety of pipework, lead-clad balcony cheeks, lightning conductor clips and bars for solar panels. Additionally, Bracknell Roofing had to work with the carpenters to ensure that the roofing sections were carried out in strategic order, for speed of completion.

Why Bracknell Roofing?

It was entirely relevant to Lawrence Baker and its proud reputation in the competitive care homes sector that all of Bracknell Roofing’s work complies with the latest British Standard for slating and tiling, BS5534:2014. A further factor in Lawrence Baker’s choice was Bracknell Roofing’s strict adherence to health and safety matters, which are always at the forefront of its on-site activities. Once again, this time at Broadbridge Heath in West Sussex, it was obvious to the contractor that Bracknell Roofing would be large enough to trust yet sufficiently small to care: a partner rather than just a supplier.


“For the Bracknell Roofing team, management co-operation starts well before our operatives go on-site and doesn’t end until the contract is completed in its entirety. Lawrence Baker’s Contracts Manager told us that having a sub-contractor such as Bracknell Roofing had been a bonus, with excellent input throughout. The project was completed on time, in spite of the tight schedule, and within budget.”

Freddie Wade, Contracts Manager, Bracknell Roofing

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