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Projects: Breedon on the Hill Derbyshire


Client: Hardwick Construction

Division: Roofing

Location: Breedon on the Hill

Services: Roof Tiling

Sector: Housing

Published on 25th January 2022

The traditional skills and quality workmanship of roofing specialist Bracknell Roofing have ensured eight new homes in Breedon on the Hill, fit seamlessly in with the prevailing architectural style of the historic Leicestershire village.

Lead contractor Hardwick Coleman and Whotton Ltd, partnered with its roofing provider of 25 years, Bracknell Roofing, as it needed to work to a very specific set of planning regulations and had confidence in Bracknell’s ability to meet these.

To adhere to planning requirements and ensure all eight bespoke houses complemented the surrounding period architecture of the village, Bracknell Roofing used traditional methods to fit a completely new roof covering using reclaimed clay plain tiles with a period aesthetic. The project also involved obtaining Code 4 lead and shaping it on site.  This was alongside other intricate work including, fitting traditional mortar bedded verges and ridges, abutments, intricate valleys and vast parapet walls. All of these special requirements were so the roofing finish reflected the local vernacular.

Ian Bladon, regional contracts director at Bracknell Roofing, said:

“We have worked with Hardwick Coleman and Whotton Ltd for many years. They understood our expertise in meeting planning requirements across heritage projects, which is one of the reasons it selected us for this particular project. The development’s challenges meant we needed to obtain specific materials required, many of which have limited availability, and use traditional craftsmanship to complete the project with a look which is sympathetic to its surroundings. As a finishing touch we also had to shape and fit a lead rose to the building.  We worked in close partnership with the lead contractor to ensure timescales, budgets and the set requirements of this project were met.”

Through its expertise and planning, the Bracknell Roofing team was able to meet the brief and as a result, the development now sits proudly among the surrounding rural architecture – a key design requirement specified as part of the development planning agreement.

James Hardwick, of Hardwick Coleman and Whotton Ltd, commented:

“It’s great to see the finished development and how well it sits in such a historic location. Having Bracknell Roofing as a partner on this project was invaluable, due to the company’s wide-ranging expertise and ongoing consultation to develop the best solutions for the challenges of the site. It’s for these reasons that we have such a long and successful partnership with the team, and plan to continue working with them in the future.”

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