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Projects: Boothstown Greater Manchester


Client: Countryside Properties UK

Division: Roofing

Location: Boothstown

Services: Roof Tiling

Sector: Housing

Published on 25th January 2022

National roofing contractor Bracknell Roofing has helped ensure the successful completion of a new housing development for Countryside Properties UK, one of the country’s leading home builders and urban regeneration partners.

The 61-unit development in Boothstown, Greater Manchester has created a number of quality 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties, as well as affordable units and a new sub-station to house power supplies to a previously unused area

Bracknell Roofing not only ensured its industry-leading roofing expertise made sure the roof aesthetics matched the quality designs specified by Countryside, it was also able to work with the developer to tackle logistic and design challenges which occurred over the course of the construction project.

Keith Moore, Business Improvement Manager at Bracknell Roofing, commented:

“We have worked with Countryside for a number of years and the Boothstown development is the latest in a number of successful projects we have helped it deliver.  We understand how the team wishes to work and strive hard to offer a flexible and responsive service that supports the overall project’s objectives.

“At Boothstown, we worked with Countryside to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible to minimise the impact on local residents.  For example, Countryside had to construct a new road entrance to the site, so we worked closely with our supplier base to ensure site deliveries were only made at agreed times and caused as little disruption as possible.  This in turn meant we had to carefully plan our work scheduling so we had the right materials on site as required.  By planning this aspect with Countryside we were able to satisfy the demands of the local community, as well as make sure the build timescales stayed on track.”

Clay tiles were specified for the roof aspect to provide an attractive, aesthetically pleasing roof finish for all the properties, and Bracknell’s skilled roofers were able to bring the roofing design to life.  This included meeting the challenge of a mid-project re-design when some new house types were introduced to the development.  Bracknell quickly re-tendered based on the new designs and agreement was speedily reached, allowing the project to remain on track.

Keith Moore, concludes:

“It is important to provide a flexible and supportive service on developments so unforeseen challenges can be overcome and changes incorporated without difficulty.  Bracknell’s long-standing industry experience and expertise allows us to deliver this to the satisfaction of our clients.”

Countryside Properties added:

“The Boothstown development has been another successful site, working in collaboration with Bracknell Roofing.  As well as its undoubted skills at producing high-quality roof coverings, the ability of the management team to work flexibly with us around issues such as local community relations and changes to design assisted us greatly.”

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