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Projects: Angels at Play Nursery – Ware, Hertfordshire


Client: Mace

Division: Roofing

Location: Ware

Services: Roof Tiling

Sector: Commercial and Industrial

Published on 26th January 2022

Playtime was never over for young learners at the ‘Angels at Play’ Nursery, as Bracknell Roofing completed a bespoke roofing package at the Hertfordshire nursery while it safely remained open.

The roofing specialist secured the contract after it impressed principal contractor Mace, with its work on the nearby ASDA superstore. Working closely alongside Mace, Bracknell Roofing played a central role in the delivery of the project and overcame some significant challenges. These included complying with technical and planning expectations, dealing with site access issues, all whilst keeping the nursery open.

The project involved a flat to pitched roof conversion. Bracknell Roofing was not only appointed to install the 50,000 Marley Eternit heather sandfaced tiles, but also took on the installation of the timber trusses, which were fitted onto a newly installed steel ring beam.

To comply with planning restrictions, the Bracknell Roofing team also completed two areas of Alkorplan flat roofing, which needed to be competently tied into the pitched roofs.  As part of the roofing package, the addition of UPVC fascia, PPC rainwater guttering and downpipes was also installed by the Bracknell team, ensuring the finished building complemented the appearance of its neighbouring ASDA store.

Peter Edwards, Bracknell Roofing Project Manager, explains:

“Having successfully delivered the superstore roofing project, we turned our attention to the nursery next door.  The existing flat roof was in poor condition and the conversion required a pitched truss roof with a flat top to comply with planning requirements.

“As our team has the technical expertise to tackle both flat and pitched roofing, Mace enjoyed the benefit of having only one contractor taking liability for both roofs, also ensuring an efficient process throughout the project.  We met the challenges by taking a planned, flexible and co-ordinated approach which minimised the impact on timescales and budget.”

With the nursery situated in a busy and restricted area, access to and management of the site had to be safely and efficiently controlled.  To ensure the project was not unduly affected, the Bracknell Roofing team also took responsibility for all the scaffolding and traffic management requirements on site.

Chris Broadhead, Project Manager at Mace, commented: “With Bracknell Roofing appointed to carry out these tasks, we were able to have a single point of contact, reducing our exposure to risk and ensuring the works were carried out in the most economical and efficient manner possible.  The Bracknell Roofing team managed the local traffic situation to minimise disruption – for instance when they had to close the road to ensure the safe lifting of the trusses to roof height – whilst ensuring the roofing installation team had the open access they required.   This holistic approach is part of the professional and high-quality package Bracknell Roofing provided, which proved invaluable on site.”

The Angels at Play Nursery in Ware continues to play host to busy staff and energetic toddlers on a daily basis. It now has an impressive clay tile roof structure provided by Bracknell Roofing offering an attractive visual highpoint to the nursery’s appearance and blending seamlessly with its supermarket neighbour.

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