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Projects: Abundant Grace – East Sussex


Client: Hilife Construction

Division: Roofing

Location: Seaford

Services: Pitched and Flat Roofing

Sector: Commercial and Industrial

Published on 2nd December 2021

Bracknell Roofing has completed a large and complex roof on the new 67-bedroom Abundant Grace residential nursing home in Seaford, East Sussex.

The company provided main contractor Hilife Construction with a high-quality, one-stop solution covering all pitched and flat roof elements.

Although this was a large roof with many special design features, Bracknell Roofing was able to deal with the complexities because of its many years’ experience on these types of progressive contracts. Design of the roof includes pitched elements with hips, gables and verandas to create a traditional aesthetic, along with a flat roof at the rear of the building.

The flat roof elements were designed to house the air conditioning units and avoid them detracting from overall sightlines. This involved Bracknell Roofing completing a recessed area within the flat roof to minimise overall height further. The team offered guidance on the best method of creating a flat roof that was robust enough to provide ongoing access for service and maintenance teams.

Other activity by Bracknell Roofing included a technically challenging shallow, octagonal hip roof on a courtyard orangery that was separate to the main building. A high level of technical expertise was required in fitting the battens, trimming the tiles and creating a weathertight seal along the multiple hips and at the apex using modified ridges and a ridge cap mould.

The Bracknell team completed a series of veranda roofs around the main building at first floor level. The veranda style is a feature found on some properties in the area and helps reduce the perceived height of the building, creating a less imposing structure.

“Bracknell Roofing was able to complete this large and complex roof whilst avoiding any disruption to other trades,” said a spokesperson from Hilife Construction. “We valued having a professional roofing company on site that could handle both pitched and flat roof elements. It gave us the confidence that the work would be completed to the same high standard as other elements of the build.”

He added:

“We always thought that the octagonal hip roof on the orangery would be a challenge for any company, although Bracknell Roofing was able to complete it with ease.”

Redland clay plain tiles were specified for all the pitched roofs including the orangery, along with a mono ridge system. A dry fix system was used throughout, rather than mortar, because mechanical fixings are faster, cleaner and more effective as well as being recommended by the National House Building Council (NHBC).

Bracknell Roofing coordinated health and safety aspects on all the roofs as well as ensuring their work did not disrupt other trades on site.

Jason McCarthy, Bracknell Roofing Branch Director – Crowborough, said:

“The nursing home is a modern and comfortable building that is constructed to the highest standards. This was a large contract with many special design features although we were able to complete it on time and within budget because we handle this type of work every day!”

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