Roofing Contractor Rolls Out Sun Safety Campaign - Bracknell Roofing

Roofing Contractor Rolls Out Sun Safety Campaign

Bracknell Rolls Out Sun Safety Campaign

BRACKNELL ROOFING is rolling out a Safety in the Sun campaign that aims to prepare all its roofing teams ahead of sunnier weather.

The Burton-on-Trent-based company will use its onsite Toolbox Talks as the focal point of delivering key information around skin protection, keeping hydrated and awareness of when UV levels are at their strongest during the day. The company will also give roofers UV sensitive wristbands so they are equipped to monitor UV strength for themselves throughout the working day.

Bracknell Roofing Managing Director, Simon Smith

Bracknell Roofing MD Simon Smith

Bracknell Roofing’s divisional director, Simon Smith, said:

“We are gearing up for the spring and summer months again this year, and the cornerstone of this is making sure we do everything possible to help our staff and sub-contractors keep safe while they are working on a Bracknell Roofing project.

“This is the seventh year in a row that we’ve run a specific, standalone safety in the sun campaign and this level of intense focus is fundamental in continually developing a genuine sense responsibility throughout our business.”

The company will remind roofers of their responsibilities – such as the regular application of sun screen, drinking plenty of fluid, taking regular breaks in the shade and ignoring common myths (such as cloud cover preventing skin damage). They are also advised to check their skin for signs of damage that could lead to skin cancer.

Simon added:

“We know that a lot of our roofers are well aware that we run a sun safety campaign at this time every year, and the messaging always focuses on the same best practice, but that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels.”

Published on 11th April 2019

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