With different factors impacting on the look, design and performance of a tile roof covering, including planning restrictions, weather conditions or aesthetics, we care about meeting all your needs in a finish that looks the part.

Which roof tiles suit your project?

At Bracknell Roofing, we work with every major manufacturer so we can recommend the best material for your roofing project – from the tile, to ridges, hips and vents. We are experienced in working with handmade, machine made and reclaimed materials in a wide range of projects.

Experts in roof tiling fixing

We use technically advanced solutions, such as dry fix systems – which are maintenance free, durable and provide a cost effective alternative to mortar fixing. We can offer an appropriate dry fix installation for most applications, no matter what roof tile you choose for your project.

Know-how on ventilation systems

The importance of correctly specifying the ventilation requirements is crucial to the performance of the roof and is an aspect of the design that is often overlooked or misinterpreted. Issues arising from incorrect ventilation include condensation and damp. We check all specifications so we can advise you about compliance with relevant regulations and manufacturers’ recommendations. We also work closely with manufacturers so we understand the most up-to-date ventilation systems for you.

Your roof tiling solution

  • We are experts in working with hand made, machine made and reclaimed materials
  • Our roof tilers are all highly trained
  • Whether you have a simple design requirement or want assistance with a highly complex specification, we can help
  • We attend training with the major roof tile manufacturers so we understand changes in the market and know how to work best with particular products.
  • We will work quickly and efficiently to fit in with your schedules.

Talk to us about how we can help you with your roof tiling project today.

Your roof tiling contractor for all building types and market sectors

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