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Whitstable Medical Centre


Commercial and Industrial

Services Provided:

Flat Roofing

A sustainable roof was supplied and fitted by some of our specialist roofers to the medical centre based in Whitstable.

To the smooth concrete surface lay the Axter Wilotekt plus system comprising of a primer, reinforcement mesh, hot ruberised compound (3kg/m2) and 4mm polyester reinforced elastomeric bitumen membrane. A further 120mm XPS extruded polystyrene cover with a breathable membrane was fitted. The flat area, excluding the noted walkway areas and the up stand perimeters for a width of 500mm, were covered with a filter layer and Axter drainage layer.

The main contractor loaded soil onto the roof area at various locations and Bracknell then levelled this.  Finally a mix of wild flower and grass seeds were sown at a rate of 5 grams/m2. 

To the areas not planted 600mm sq smooth faced natural colour concrete paving slabs on mounts were laid and ballast to the perimeters.

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