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Nova Court - Crewe Cheshire


Commercial and Industrial

Services Provided:

Flat Roofing,Specialist Roofing Services

Main Contractor:

Tarpey Woodfine

Bracknell Roofing’s ability to act as Principal contractor for both roofing and cladding elements at Nova Court in Crewe has provided the developer with a simpler, guaranteed route to regulatory compliance.

Commissioning Bracknell Roofing on these elements guaranteed compliance because it ensured a joined up approach on vulnerable areas such as the interface between the mansard-style roof and vertical cladding.

It also created a simpler route to compliance because it meant that the developer only had to deal with one building envelope company rather than multiple suppliers, all with varying schedules and contract requirements.

This coordinated approach resulted in the final assessment and certification of Nova Court achieving the requirements laid down at design stage, first time.

Developments where there isn’t this coordinated approach between roofing and cladding elements can result in the need for costly remedial work, if the building envelope fails regulatory assessment.

The result is a fully Building Regulation compliant, visually inspiring zinc-clad building envelope, yet one that is still sympathetic with the existing urban landscape in this location close to Crewe town centre.

“Bracknell Roofing was immediately able to offer us a workable interpretation of our original design,” said David Woodfine at Tarpey Woodfine Architects. “Their ability to provide a coordinated approach to roofing and cladding elements gave us the confidence that we would meet the final environmental and building performance assessments with ease, which we subsequently did.”

John McDonald, Contracts Manager at Rowlinson Construction, said: “We partnered with Bracknell Roofing because they are one of the leading national building envelope specialists and that means we know our clients will ultimately benefit from their expertise.”

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