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Farnham Green - Essex


Commercial and Industrial

Services Provided:

Flat Roofing

Main Contractor:

Hills Partnership

This project was for Hills Partnerships at Farnham Green and involved our Specialist Flat Roofing branch installing a Bauder green roof. 

First the finished water proofing was installed which involved loose laying a Bauder PF300MF fleece.  Then a Bauder thermofol U15 blue/grey membrane was mechanically fixed at 225mm.  A Bauder SDF mat drainage layer was then laid which is designed to lift the XF301 sedum blanket clear of any standing water.  The mat also has another function and this is to provide protection to the waterproofing during installation.  The sedum roll is butt jointed to the next roll.  The XF301 sedum blanket was laid in a staggered fashion and the sedum fully installed.  After the sedum was installed a fertliser was applied which is important as it provides nutrients for the plants and helps the roof to establish itself

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