Ancillary Services

At Bracknell Roofing, we essentially offer a one-stop roofing service – enabling you to reduce the number of sub-contractors you need on site for roof installation – which means less people to deal with and less administration, and may also turn out to be even more cost effective.

At all times, you will be working with a well-established, experienced team of managers and installers through our national branch network. Contact us to discuss whatever roofing services you need.

Here is an at-a-glance guide to some of the ancillary services we can offer:


As experienced installers of all types of roof insulation products, we can supply and install varying thicknesses and specifications of insulation to meet your design requirements. Should your project require cut to fall insulation, we can help you select the correct design and then install the required insulation to meet your thermal requirements. We work with a comprehensive network of manufacturers and suppliers to provide what you need.

Fall restraint systems

If you need a Mansafe system or similar, we can also assist with design and provide installation.

Paving, decking and walkways

We are experienced in supplying and fitting all types of paving, timber decking and walkways. We can offer you an ideal choice for communal areas, balconies, terraces, and main roof areas.

Electronic integrity testing

Only trained, experienced operatives and managers using modern equipment will carry out the testing for you.

Cappings, copings, roofline

We can offer you all types of capping and coping details from an extensive network of suppliers from trained and experienced operatives. Talk to us about soffit, fascia and roof drainage supply and fit services.

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