As Government cut legislation red tape - Bracknell take positive action

Following the recent announcement from the government about removing red tape in legislation to encourage house building Andrew Rooke, Sales and Marketing Director at Bracknell Roofing, says:

The UK is enjoying some of the strongest and most sustained levels of construction the industry has seen for years, and recent announcements by government to seek ways to cut red tape in the housebuilding sector will only help this growth. It’s really positive news, and we certainly welcome it. But, as house building increases, the need for workers will too, and that is the next challenge for the government and the industry.

The positive action that is being taken to bolster the construction industry and build a foundation for the UK economy is a step in the right direction. But now we need to start thinking of next steps. At Bracknell Roofing we are investing in our very successful apprenticeship programme, which shows we are already planning for the future and putting us in a strong position to keep ahead of the game for our customers. This ensures we’re playing our part in addressing the skills shortage in the roofing, house building and construction industry as a whole.

Our apprenticeship programme has already produced some very talented workers with a long, stable career ahead of them. And our more experienced staff have the opportunity to pass on skills in both modern and traditional roofing, meaning the skills stay in the UK.

The increased construction activity from the removal of this red tape should help free up resource to deliver more training to bring in the next generation of workers. As an industry we need to benefit from this opportunity. Investment in Bracknell Roofing’s apprenticeship scheme is already underway so we are ahead of the game, but we will need to continue finding the talent for the industry if we are to take advantage of this exciting time in construction and continue to deliver quality work. 

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