Single Ply

Single ply is the 21st century solution for flat roofing applications. It offers you a reliable choice because, with the one-piece application, there is less of an opportunity for leaks.

Single ply for commercial and residential roofing

Cost effective and ideal for a faster application, single ply is highly specified in a range of sectors. Suitable for all types of roof substrate, single ply systems offer you a versatile, lightweight and flexible solution for insulation and waterproofing – for commercial and residential roofs, either as a new application or for refurbishment. They also provide a highly aesthetically pleasing choice and with a range of colour options.

They are ideal for flat, pitched and curved roof types on new-build or refurbishment – we can advise you on whether they are the best solution for your project.

For the single ply system you need

We have a well-established track record in single ply systems for commercial roofs, residential roofs and single ply refurbishment, and will use our expertise to go through your product options and offer you a cost effective solution. For a fast service, we have an off-the-shelf range of system components, and are trained and approved installers of Axter, Bauder and Renolit Alkorplan systems

  • PV based membranes
  • Fixing options – loose laid, mechanically fastened, bonded, or ballasted
  • PVC, TPO and EPDM options available to suit environmental standard requirements
  • High vapour permeability and flexibility
  • Talk to us if you need an extended guarantee
  • BRE certified life-cycle analysis options available up to 35 years.

Talk to us about your roof project and enjoy all the reassurance of our experience with single ply systems.

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